Refurbished telecom hardware

Manufacturer Description Part number
Alcatel-Lucent ASMB 3BK06438ADAB03
Alcatel-Lucent 16Mb 4/16QAM 3DB16082BC
Alcatel-Lucent BIUA 3BK06436ABAD07
Alcatel-Lucent EXT IDU 64MB 32E1 48V 3DB16045ACAC03
Alcatel-Lucent BIUA 3BK06436AAAD09
Alcatel-Lucent BCLA 3BK06434ACAC08
Alcatel-Lucent BCLA 3BK06434AC
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 64MB,32E1,48V 3DB16041ACAC04
Alcatel-Lucent STIVAL 3DB10137AAAB02
Alcatel-Lucent BCLA 3BK06434ABAC08
Alcatel-Lucent DTCC 3BK06432ABAJ05
Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel card DTCC 3BK06432ABAF05
Alcatel-Lucent TCUC 3BK06430AAAK06
Alcatel-Lucent TCUC 3BK06430AA
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 7GHz 3DB06692ABAB01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 3DB06692AAAA04
Alcatel-Lucent CPRC 3BK06428BCAA02
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 3DB06692AAAA03
Alcatel-Lucent CPRC 3BK06428BBAA02
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 3DB06691ABAB01
Alcatel-Lucent CPRC 3BK06428BAAA02
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 3DB06691AAAA04
Alcatel-Lucent CPRC 3BK06428ABAG05
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 3DB06691AAAA03
Alcatel-Lucent CPRC 3BK06428ABAF05
Alcatel-Lucent CPRC 3BK06428AAAG10
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 8E1 3DB06614BDAA01
Alcatel-Lucent DT16 3BK06373ACAB04
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 16E1 3DB06614ADAA01
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 16 E1,48/60V 3DB06614ADAA01
Alcatel-Lucent TXDH 3BK06067AAAC12
Alcatel-Lucent conector 3BK05818AAAA
Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel antena cable 3BK05364CAAA
Alcatel-Lucent IDU 8E1 3DB06613ADXX
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06613ADKA01
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 8E1 3DB06613ADAA01
Alcatel-Lucent JUMPER Cable 3BK05360CAAA
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 8E1 3DB06613ABAA03
Alcatel-Lucent FEEDER CLAMP 3BK03670AAAA
Alcatel-Lucent SM2000 3AW01081AAAA03
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 8E1 3DB06613ABAA02
Alcatel-Lucent module alarm saft power systemu ACM 1D 3AW00733AAAA
Alcatel-Lucent KIT LDMHB 3AN22917AAAA
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06603ADAB02
Alcatel-Lucent SSY-SERGI (Service and General Interface) 3AL98269AAAC02
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06603ADAB01
Alcatel-Lucent SSY-SERGI (Service and General Interface) 3AL98269AAAB
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06603ADAA01
Alcatel-Lucent A63E1-4T 3AL98051AA
Alcatel-Lucent LPROT 3AL98026AAAC01
Alcatel-Lucent ESERGI 3AL98023AAAD03
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 3DB06603ACAA01
Alcatel-Lucent 1662 SMC 3AL98009ABAJ03
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06603ABAA03
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06603ABAA02
Alcatel-Lucent optical module L-1.2 3AL97213ACAA
Alcatel-Lucent 1660 SM 3AL89794ABAB01
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06602ADAB01
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06602ADAA02
Alcatel-Lucent FAN 3AL89561ABAC04
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06602ADAA01
Alcatel-Lucent C0-16/WMUIAJ2CAA 3AL81434AA02
Alcatel-Lucent connector 3AL80915AAAA
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06602ABAA03
Alcatel-Lucent Fan MBO1/2 3AL79773AAAA/01
Alcatel-Lucent BSC FAN Unit 3AL79772AAAC01
Alcatel-Lucent FAN 3AL79772AA
Alcatel-Lucent AWY 3DB06602ABAA02
Alcatel-Lucent SYNTH4 3AL79624AA
Alcatel-Lucent CASE EMC 1.0/2.3. for ICMI 4.4M 3AL79428AAXX
Alcatel-Lucent SHELF ID 3AL79242AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent A21E1 3AL79163AA
Alcatel-Lucent ATM8X8 3AL79094AA
Alcatel-Lucent P63E1N 3AL79092AC
Alcatel-Lucent P63E1N 3AL79092AB
Alcatel-Lucent 63x2 MBIT/S port 3AL79092AAXX
Alcatel-Lucent IDU CARD 8MB 4QAM 3DB06571ADAA02
Alcatel-Lucent 8Mb 4QAM 3DB06571AD
Alcatel-Lucent P63E1 card 3AL79092AAAH02
Alcatel-Lucent SYNTHIN for 1650 3AL79090BAAR04
Alcatel-Lucent 3+1 SWITVHING LOGIC 3DB05968AA
Alcatel-Lucent ATPC FTX13-13.3 GHZ 128 QAM T 3DB05947AA
Alcatel-Lucent L-4.2N 3AL78856BF
Alcatel-Lucent S-4.1N 3AL78856BB
Alcatel-Lucent CABLE 3DB05923AA
Alcatel-Lucent CABLE 3DB05922AAXX
Alcatel-Lucent EQUICO 3AL78836AA
Alcatel-Lucent 1660SM/1650SM-C 3AL78831AAXX
Alcatel-Lucent CONGI 3AL78830AEAA02
Alcatel-Lucent CABLE WITH 20 CONNECTORS 3DB05922AA
Alcatel-Lucent SAM 3DB05623AAAA05
Alcatel-Lucent CONGI 3AL78830AE01
Alcatel-Lucent SSY – Control and general 3AL78830ADXX
Alcatel-Lucent CONGI 3AL78830ADAB
Alcatel-Lucent CONGI 3AL78830AD
Alcatel-Lucent CABLE 3DB05594AAAA
Alcatel-Lucent PSU 4860 3DB05553AA
Alcatel-Lucent 1650SM-C 3AL78828AAAD02

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