Refurbished telecom hardware

Manufacturer Description Part number
Alcatel-Lucent Power supply 902428-90
Alcatel-Lucent FLASH CARD 8DG03304AAAH
Alcatel-Lucent service card 87-1941-01-03-A
Alcatel-Lucent cable 72-3663-01
Alcatel-Lucent CABLE 5052C
Alcatel-Lucent XCCM-U 3JR20038AAAB01
Alcatel-Lucent fan tray 3JR08021ACAA01
Alcatel-Lucent CARD-M10-1GB-SFP-B 3HE01616AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent COMPACT FLASH card V C12 3HE01556AAAA0106
Alcatel-Lucent CARD-7450 ESS-M10-1GB-SFP-B 3HE01532AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent CARD C12 3HE01019AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent 7710 SR-C12-DC PEM 3HE01017AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent COMPACT FLASH card V 7450 ESS-1 3HE00655DAAA0108
Alcatel-Lucent Fan 3HE00191AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent MODEL 7750 SR-7 DC PEM-2 3HE00188ABAA01
Alcatel-Lucent MODEL 7750 SR-7 DC PEM-1 3HE00188AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent optical V M10-1GB-SFP-B 3HE00062AA01
Alcatel-Lucent optical V M2-OC48-SFP 3HE00046AA02
Alcatel-Lucent CARD-M2-0C48-SFP 3HE00043AAAC02
Alcatel-Lucent optical V M10-1GB-SFP-B 3HE00028AA01
Alcatel-Lucent QTEL2 3EM14462AA
Alcatel-Lucent cable 3EM13349AC/01
Alcatel-Lucent cable 3EM13349AB/01
Alcatel-Lucent card (ES-1/8GC) 3EM08699AA
Alcatel-Lucent JAQS103 3EJ02466AAAB01
Alcatel-Lucent JAQS103 3EJ02466AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent JBVPP 3EJ02378AAAB04
Alcatel-Lucent JBIPGE 3EJ02375ABAA01
Alcatel-Lucent JBIPGE 3EJ02375AAAE03
Alcatel-Lucent JBTDMXF 3EJ02371AAAA04
Alcatel-Lucent TO MBO KIT 3DM16600AAXX
Alcatel-Lucent BO1 EXT BAT KIT 3DM16600AA
Alcatel-Lucent Cover 3DM12321AAAA
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 300, 13GHz 3DB23036AEAA01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 300, 13GHz 3DB23036AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 300,11 GHZ 3DB23035ABAA01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 300 11 Ghz HP TX LOW 3DB23035AA
Alcatel-Lucent RAC 40, 1xSTM1/OC3 3DB23024AAAA02
Alcatel-Lucent Auxilary alarm I/O card 3DB23022AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent DAC 16X 3DB23016AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent DAC, 2x155E 3DB23012AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent UNIT 2 RU NCCV2 3DB23007ACAA02
Alcatel-Lucent FAN INUI IDCV2 NCCV2 3DB23006ABAA01
Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel 9500 MXC 3DB23006AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent Node Contoller Card 3DB23005ABAA
Alcatel-Lucent NODE, Controller seriál management card 3DB23005AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent 9500 mxc 3DB23002AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 18 GHz 3DB21413AE
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 18 GHz 3DB21413AAAB01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 18 GHz 3DB21411AAAB01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 3DB21094ABAA01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 3DB21087ABAA01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 3DB21070AAAA02
Alcatel-Lucent CABLE RSBG 3DB16126ABAA
Alcatel-Lucent ALCATEL-LUCENT 3DB16103AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent ALCATEL-LUCENT 3DB16102AAAA01
Alcatel-Lucent memory card alcatel idu 16mb 4/16QAM,V 2.1.1,V 2.1.2 3DB16082BCAA01
Alcatel-Lucent EXT IDU 3DB16045ACXX
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 3DB16045ACAA03
Alcatel-Lucent EXT IDU 64 Mb 3DB16045AACAX
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 3DB16041ACAC04
Alcatel-Lucent cable 3DB10121AAAA
Alcatel-Lucent NMS Audio AWY-UX cable L=1,6 m 3DB10063AAAA
Alcatel-Lucent HYBRYD 3DB10059AAAA02
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 3DB06795AAAA02
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 7GHz 3DB06692ABAB01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 7GHz 3DB06692AAAA04
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 7GHz 3DB06692AAAA03
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 7GHz 3DB06691ABAB01
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 7GHz 3DB06691AAAA04
Alcatel-Lucent ODU 7GHz 3DB06691AAAA03
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 3DB06614BDAA01
Alcatel-Lucent 9400 AWY IDU 3DB06614ADAA01
Alcatel-Lucent SUPPLY EXT IDU 3DB06614AD
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 3DB06614ABAA03
Alcatel-Lucent 9400 AWY IDU 3DB06614ABAA02
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 3DB06613ADAA01
Alcatel-Lucent 9400 AWY IDU 8E1 3DB06613ABAA03
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 3DB06613ABAA03
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 3DB06613ABAA02
Alcatel-Lucent memory card alcatel idu 16mb 4QAM,V 2.0.5,V 2.0.6 3DB06606ADAA02
Alcatel-Lucent 4QAM FLASHCARD 3DB06606AA
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 3DB06603ADAB01
Alcatel-Lucent alcatel idu awy 3DB06603ADAA02
Alcatel-Lucent 9400 AWY IDU 3DB06603ADAA01
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 3DB06603ACAA01
Alcatel-Lucent IDU 4QAM card 3DB06603ACAA01
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 3DB06603ABAA03
Alcatel-Lucent 9400 AWY IDU 3DB06603ABAA02
Alcatel-Lucent 9400 AWY IDU 3DB06602ADAB02
Alcatel-Lucent AWY IDU 3DB06602ADAA02
Alcatel-Lucent 9400 AWY IDU 3DB06602ADAA01
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 3DB06602ACAA01
Alcatel-Lucent 9400 AWY IDU 3DB06602ABAA03
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 3DB06602ABAA03
Alcatel-Lucent 9400 AWY IDU 3DB06602ABAA02
Alcatel-Lucent IDU AWY 3DB06602ABAA02
Alcatel-Lucent LOGIC 3DB065968AA
Alcatel-Lucent cable with 3 connectors 3DB06594AAAA

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